Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Aww, Fan Expo is happening a couple of days after I get back to Toronto, so I’ll be really jet-lagged for at least a week (not to mention kind of broke)…and sakimichan is going to be at Fan Expo ;__; Granted, I got to meet her earlier this year at Anime North before the con really started, but still!

Sigh. Maybe next time…

karanakia said: Do you do speed paints? I only watch them for artists whom I really really want to emulate.

If you mean whether I record speed paint videos, then no I don’t; the most I’ve done is one livestream for about 10 minutes :P

karanakia said: Thanks for blog share. Maybe the first post biased me, but it looks good.

That first post (as I reply to this, it’s still the first post) is from Asagao to Kase-san, haha. It’s also the only NSFW part of the manga, so…pretty mild in that sense. Still, really adorable manga though.

(I posted this earlier but then deleted it and now I’m posting it again…so it’s not deja vu.)

So I reblogged a few of the pages from it earlier today on my other blog and later sat down and read all nine chapters of Asagao to Kase-san, and it’s actually really cute! I actually don’t read any other shoujo-ai or yuri (surprisingly), so I don’t know how well it stands up against others but I liked it :3

Preview of the last piece in a set of things I’ve been working on over…several months (so, unfortunately that means the quality between them fluctuates, but more information to come later!!)

Sketching from imagination again…

Monday, July 28, 2014

Big thank you to my friend Lawrence for this belated birthday present! I was planning to buy it eventually but he got it for me as a gift, so thanks a lot!

EDIT: Apologies for the terrible photo. It’s basically impossible to get a photo of the cover without a reflection in it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I think I want to draw more Red and (lady) Boxer some time, so this post is kind of just a personal reminder so I don’t forget…

martythegreat said: HEY, YOU! I was wondering if you wanted to play League sometime or if I can add you or something c: I love me some new League buddies!

Hello; feel free to add me if you want! My summoner name is ClockworkCadaver (or some variation of it) but I haven’t played in a looong time so I’m probably terrible at the game again :P

Today’s quick warm-up drawing before I go back to commission stuff, and ‘unnecessary genderbend of the week’ (which…won’t be a weekly thing, haha). I just thought it would be fun to turn the man/Unknown Subject/the Boxer into a female, and here we are. I think it would be cute! But that’s probably just me.

On another note, referring to them as the Boxer makes me think of OFF

Saturday, July 26, 2014

poisoneddonut said: Have you ever played heavenly sword or bayonneta? They're both really good games with powerful leading ladies like Transistor and Kill la kill.

I know of both games and their lead characters (and I think Bayonetta’s great), but I haven’t played either of them because I don’t own a console :P I can only play PC games or 3DS games.

Re: Last post

Nothing important, but I just felt that I should clarify that while I looove both Kill la Kill and Transistor dearly, I love Red too much to have put her in that outfit comfortably :P

Kill la Kill means so much more to me than just skimpy outfits (I know a lot of people who tried starting it and gave up because of the outfits and stuff; but it gets much more interesting, trust me!), and Transistor was such a good game in every way (story, music, art, design…everything)—I encourage anyone to give both of them a shot if you’re interested!

So I’m glad some of you like the crossover, but it’s one of those rare occasions where I’ll get a silly idea and draw it out…and still upload it. 

Anyway, thanks for reading. Take care!

First of all; I’M SORRY.

A crossover nobody asked for…Kill la Kill and Transistor. The idea just crossed my mind recently and I thought it would be funny if the Transistor was a Kamui…and this is what happened.

Aaanyway, in my defence I did do a serious Transistor fan art painting here, and an Emofuri animation of Red here

Edit: I did make a little post on my own personal stance regarding this little crossover :P You can read it here if you want!